• Spanakopita (Spinach pie)
    Kefalograviera cheese, feta, sauted spinach wrapped in thick filo pastry and topped with toasted sesame seeds [4 pcs] V
  • Phoenix Dipping plate
    Pink Taramasalata (fish roe dip), Tyrokafteri (cheese dip) & Beetroot dip served with toasted Greek pita bread
  • Halloumi
    Served with tricolour capsicum, pleurotus mushroom and finished with balsamic vinaigrette V | GF
  • Saganaki Cheese
    Kefalograviera cheese cooked in the oven with honey and sesame V
  • Calamari
    Lightly battered fresh calamari served with baby herbs
  • Lemon School Prawns
    marinated and deep fried.
  • Prawn Saganaki
    panfried prawns with tricolour capsicum, onion and ouzo sauce finished in the oven, topped with melted feta cheese and served with chargrilled sourdough.
  • Chargrilled Octopus
    with squid ink taramasalata
  • Melitzanorolakia
    marinated beef mince wrapped with Kefalograviera cheese in sliced eggplant and served with Tomato Cumin sauce.
  • Chicken Souvlaki
    Skewers marinated in lemon, garlic & oregano, grilled and served with homemade tzatziki GF
  • Beef Souvlaki
    Marinated skewers served with homemade tzatziki GF


  • Mezzethes
    Taramasalata dip, tyrokafteri cheese dip, mixed marinated olives, a selection of cured meats & cheeses, rocket salad, pickled octopus & greek pita bread
  • Piatela Kreatikon
    Selection of meats including Chicken Souvlaki, Beef Souvlaki, Speck, Lamb & Rosemary sausage, Kebab of Lamb & Beef mince, served with Rocket Salad & Tzatziki
  • Lamb Cutlets
    Tender cutlets marinted in rosemary & garlic, Served with barbequed corn, sausage crumb, grilled potatoes and finished with a green herb sauce [4 pcs]
  • Moussaka
    Traditional mousakka of beef with eggplant & potato topped with beshamel and cooked in the oven [20 min cook time]
  • Gemista
    traditional stuffed vegetables. Capsicum and Tomatoes filled with herbed rice and baked in the oven. Served topped with tomato sauce and Greek style potatoes.
  • Psari me patates
    whole fish baked in parchment on a bed of fennel and onion with capers and tomato. Served with Horta & Greek style potatoes.
  • Roast Lamb
    Lamb shoulder slow roasted and served with baked lemon potatoes [pre order only]


  • Lamb
    Tender 6 hour braised lamb wrapped in greek pita bread with fresh tomato, red onion, mixed lettuce, chips and smoked paprika
  • Chicken
    Succulent chicken thigh marinated in lemon, oregano &
    garlic wrapped in greek pita bread, with fresh tomato, red onion, mixed lettuce, chips and smoked paprika
  • Halloumi
    Wrapped in greek pita bread, with fresh tomato, red onion, mixed lettuce, chips and smoked paprika
served with tzatsiki
all served with hot chips topped with crumbled feta cheese


  • Greek Salad
    Traditional salad of cucumber, tomato, red onion, green
    capsicum, kalamata olives, feta cheese and oregano V | GF
  • Manouri Cheese & Fig Salad
    fresh salad of spinach, fig, cherry tomato, roasted pistachio, manouri cheese and dill served with apple & honey vinaigrette V | GF
  • Sweet potato chips

    Served with aioli

  • Hot chips

    Served with tomato sauce or aioli

  • Mixed Marinated & Roasted Olives
  • Pita Bread
  • Summer Salad
    with cherry tomato, semi dried tomato, honey dew melon, shallots, spinach, cos lettuce and almonds.


  • Kids Pasta
    Served with a tomato sauce and cheese V
  • Chicken Nuggets
    Served with hot chips
  • Pita Pizza
    greek pita bread pizza with tomato sauce and topped with cheese V


  • Baklava Ice Cream

    traditional greek baklava smashed through vanilla ice cream. V

  • Loukoumades
    Greek donuts soaked in lemon sugar syrup, drizzled with honey, sprinkled with cinnamon and topped off with toasted walnuts and vanilla ice cream
  • Bougatsa
    Greek filo filled custard pastries topped with cinnamon & dusted with icing sugar V


  • I Carried a Watermelon
    When Magarita dirty dances with Watermelon, you better look out. Using premium Don Julio Tequila, shaken with a hint of sweetness and garnished with fresh mint, this mouth watering cocktail will put the Patrick in your Swayze
  • Phoenix Rising
    We’ve ensured this iconic venue has risen from the Phoenix’s ashes and this cocktail celebrates the occasion through a match made in heaven comprising Citron Vodka and a splash of Aperol

  • The Fabrizio
    The Fabrizio is the ultimate wingman to the Phoenix Rising. Taking the form of a classic passionfruit Caprioska, this studly little cocktail beckons you to kick back and get a little Fab into you

  • Fluffy Phoenix
    Boasting a split personality of both sweet and sour, this cocktail brings together the zing of grapefruit juice, passionfruit and charm of Liquor 43 with a vanilla aroma. Perfect for a walk on the wild side
  • Hendricks Twist & Shout

    The world has fallen in love with Gin all over again and after this little beauty meets your lips you’ll see just why. Brought to life using classic Hendricks Gin and muddled grapes this is a signature favourite we know you’ll love

  • Apple Germain
    Using classic St Germain, fresh apple and cider, this unique beverage offers just the right hit of sweetness to make it your new BFF of the cocktail world
  • Strawberry Mojito
    Real men might not eat quiche, but they totally gag for Strawberry Mojitos. With our own twist of the Australian Stolen Rum range and strawberries, this innocent looking cocktail has a sinister side that gives it more street cred than McGyver
  • Lychee Stylin'
    As the supermodel of cocktails, this delectable choice works the runway like Naomi back in the ‘90s. Think lychee liquor mixed with Tanquery Gin and topped off with bubbly prosecco and you’ve got yourself one hell of a fierce cocktail made especially for girls who run the world
  • Greek Island Ice Tea
    Long Island ice teas are so 2001, so we’re bringing some much needed Mediterranean swagger to the table with our very own version of this classic cocktail. Don’t ask too many questions, just trust the Greeks and order it