Why is craft beer the next big thing?

Craft beers come in a variety of different styles.

Unless you’ve been living under a considerably-sized rock in recent years, you’ll likely have heard the term ‘craft beer’ down at your local pub, or perhaps even the supermarket. You may even have been lucky enough to sample a glass or two of this marvellous beverage, and at the Phoenix Hotel, we’re big fans of the stuff. What exactly is craft beer, though, and why is it so popular?

To put it simply, craft beer is defined by the Brewers Association as originating from ‘small, independent and traditional breweries,’ producing less than 6 million barrels a year. Though that may seem a lot, it’s small beer compared to the huge, multi-national corporations which churn out oceans of indentikit lager on an annual basis.

According to a report in IBISWorld, the Aussie craft beer industry is worth a whopping AU$377 million.

Craft beer is soaring in popularity in Australia, too. According to a report in IBISWorld, the Aussie craft beer industry is worth a whopping AU$377 million, and sales are projected to have grown by 9.5 per cent in the five years between 2011 and 2016. Worldwide sales grew by 15 per cent in 2013 alone, according to Business Insider.

Enough number-crunching, though – just what is it about craft beer that has won it a place in the nation’s hearts (and glasses)?

A taste of something different

Though beers such as Budweiser, Foster’s and Heineken continue to be served at bars and restaurants around the world, none of them are renowned for their emphatic taste. Hence, those that used to drink mass-brewed lagers are looking for something fresh and new to excite their taste buds, and craft beer fits the bill perfectly.

That’s because craft breweries never rest on their laurels – they are forever coming up with innovative ideas and pushing the boundaries of flavour, in order to keep drinkers interested and thus, returning for more.

Take a look at our drinks menu for an idea of why craft beer is on the rise. Where else would you find a Wicked Elf Pale Ale, or a Fat Nerd on tap? Not many places, we’d wager – but you can be sure that they taste a whole lot more exciting than your bog-standard commercial beers. The range is continually growing, too, so you’ll always have something new to try at the Phoenix.

Drink to health

That’s right, moderate consumption of craft beer can be beneficial to your health. A report released by the Brewers Association details a raft of reasons released by the Department of Agriculture as to why drinking craft beer can be good for you (as long as you don’t overdo it, of course). Craft beer can feasibly stave off cardiovascular disease and type-2 diabetes, as can lower the risk of arthritis and Alzheimer’s. We’ll drink to that!

Craft beer is enjoying a phenomenal growth in popularity.Craft beer is enjoying a phenomenal growth in popularity.
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